About Mawada Allak | Classy Art

We have launched our site with the blessing and thanks to Mawada Allak; for letting us share all this art work for you to enjoy.

     Mawada Allak studied at the University of Baghdad and got her master degree in architecture. She practiced architecture with high ethics and professionalism for more than three decades.  Mawada was among the first women architects in Iraq and a well known pioneer in the field of architecture.  Together with her friend and business partner Mrs. Amal Karaghouly, built an office and worked for over thirty five years. 

    Their office delivered a vast array of architectural projects that were well known by their high level of professionalism and brilliance and their work was quite distinguished and won plenty of prizes. The office was also used to train and develop many young architects. However, the war and the follow up invasion in 2003 created difficult circumstances in Iraq and consequently, it was not possible to carry on working.  Mawada and her partner Amal had to make the hard decision to close the office in Baghdad and cease their professional work.

    With all her work and responsibilities, the art of painting has always been present in Mawada’s amazing world, she loves, cherishes and believes in it, considers it an elegant high level of human need with a serious and noble message. And that’s how Mawada embarked on her journey in this world of color, dedicated her time to play yet another beautiful melody in the symphony of life.