Glorious Land 200 - The Tree of Love  H 36" x W 36"  Acrylic on Canvas

Glorious Land 200 - The Tree of Love H 36" x W 36" Acrylic on Canvas

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The Tree of Love  H 36" x W 36"  Acrylic on Canvas

Glorious Land !! 
The land of justice, love and peace, the land of history and knowledge, where one finds magic, beauty and imagination. From such land the old revives the new, adding more richness and light to our souls. This land lies in the depth of each human being and represent what one aspires for; yet it might not be, it is our hope, even in dealing with the impossible.

Mawada Allak studied at the University of Baghdad and got her master degree in architecture. She practiced architecture with high ethics and professionalism for more than three decades.  Mawada was among the first women architects in Iraq and a well known pioneer in the field of architecture.  Together with her friend and business partner Mrs. Amal Karaghouly, built an office and worked for over thirty five years. 

With all her work and responsibilities, the art of painting has always been present in Mawada’s amazing world, she loves, cherishes and believes in it, considers it an elegant high level of human need with a serious and noble message. And that’s how Mawada embarked on her journey in this world of color, dedicated her time to play yet another beautiful melody in the symphony of life.

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